At Right Choices Corn Maze, our mission is to empower travelers by creating personalized vacation packages that put you in control of your itinerary. Our comprehensive services cover accommodations, transfers, transport tickets, day trips, city tours, and excursions. We go beyond the ordinary, ensuring your trip is a seamless, stress-free, and truly memorable experience.

Personalized Vacation Packages

Our journey together begins with a detailed trip consultation, conducted by our expert travel advisors who have lived and extensively traveled in the regions you plan to explore. This initial discussion forms the foundation for a customized itinerary based on your interests, dates, and budget. Your preferences guide us in creating a unique and tailor-made experience that reflects your travel aspirations.

Value for Money

Contrary to the assumption that personalized services are expensive, we consistently receive feedback from clients highlighting the excellent value for money our services offer. From moderate budgets to luxury preferences, our flexibility allows us to cater to every traveler. We believe our services provide incredible value when considering the time and effort saved in planning, the benefit of our handpicked accommodations and experiences, and the peace of mind knowing your trip is expertly planned.

Land Portion Expertise

While we don’t handle flight bookings to and from Europe, our specialty lies in curating the land portion of your trip. We take care of accommodations, transfers, and in-destination experiences. Our detailed planning, combined with on-the-ground support from our dedicated staff in Europe, ensures a seamless travel experience.

Custom-Tailored Tours

Every tour we create is custom-tailored for solo travelers, couples, or larger groups. While we can arrange escorted tours, we find that a well-planned itinerary, complemented by the support of our highly praised local staff, offers a seamless experience. Expert local guides enhance your journey, providing in-depth insights into each destination.

Flexibility and Changes

Understanding that plans can change, we offer flexibility in altering your trip, such as adjusting dates or routes. A nominal fee of up to €250 may apply, along with charges for any rescheduled or forfeited non-refundable services. For cancellations, we recommend contacting your travel insurance company.

Diverse Clientele

We cater to a diverse range of travelers, from children to seniors, individuals, couples, friends, and families. Our flexibility extends to transportation, excursions, and accommodations, offering options from public transport to yachts, self-catering apartments to exclusive 5-star resorts. Regardless of your budget, each guest receives personalized attention from the planning process to the departing airport transfer.

No River Cruises

While we don’t offer river cruises, we focus on creating bespoke, private tours. Unlike cruises, our tours provide the opportunity to delve deeper into each destination, pursuing your own tastes and interests. We believe in the advantages of organized group travel without the presence of strangers.

Advantages of Custom Tours

Our handcrafted custom tours, supported by our locals on the ground, offer the flexibility and advantages of organized group travel minus the drawbacks. Unlike cruises, our tours allow you to enjoy more flexibility by taking the train or a car with a private driver, departing at the time that suits you best, and perhaps exploring sights along the way. We take care of all the details, including accommodations and transportation between cities, so you can focus on savoring your vacation at your preferred pace.

At Right Choices Corn Maze, we’re not just planners; we’re your partners in creating extraordinary travel experiences. With us, your journey isn’t just a trip; it’s a curated adventure designed to fulfill your unique travel dreams.